one body

PICTURED: Efren Morones,  Dave Tollefson (NFL), Mariah Canfield, Kenny Onatolu (NFL), Jilleanette Figueroa Revera, Alonso Lopez

pictured: efren morones,  dave tollefson (nfl), mariah canfield, kenny onatolu (nfl), jilleanette figueroa revera, alonso lopez

a new student organization called one body has been created with the purpose of developing a student culture on campus that celebrates diversity and unity in christ. recently, the normal chapel format was set aside for a panel discussion led by one body members and two nfl players, dave tollefson and kenny onatolu (members of kingsway christian church). known for their reconciliation work, these men shared their personal journeys – growing up and in the nfl – and how true respect and unity only come through the power and love of jesus christ. 

one body’s faculty advisor, dr. andrew wood, stated “we are very thankful for the increasing diversity at ncc. this creates a rich learning environment for students as they prepare for life and ministry in their chosen field."

jonathan norton