why is the campus closing now?

after months of prayerful consideration and godly counsel, the board of trustees made the painful decision to close the campus, based on declining enrollment that has led to financial unsustainability.  enrollment has declined sharply, not only at ncc, but at many other small campuses, which are particularly at risk in this environment.  higher education, as an industry, faces monumental challenges, as evidenced by the closure of numerous institutions in the past three years, including the 2018 closure of omaha’s grace university.  small institutions are particularly vulnerable to increased regulation and the reduced undergraduate enrollment that impacts colleges and b nationwide.  

what is the timeline for the ncc campus closure?

operations on the papillion campus will cease on may 31, after the conclusion of the spring 2020 semester.  

what will happen to the ncc property and the need to still prepare people for ministry in the area?

the board of trustees has voted to put the property on the market. hiu will be consulting in the coming months with select church leaders in the ncc region to develop a plan for preserving ongoing ministry preparation opportunities. a portion of any net proceeds may be used for this important initiative.

i am an alumnus/alumna of ncc.  what will happen to my academic records?

when hiu and ncc merged, hiu became the official custodian of academic records, and your transcripts are maintained by the hiu registrar’s office.

 if i am a donor and would like to continue to donate where will my donation go?

currently, 85 students are enrolled at the ncc campus and are receiving institutional financial aid.  ongoing donations will fund scholarships for current students and those who continue their education at hiu, as well as other future students from the ncc region who may choose to pursue a degree at hiu.

for current students

i am a current ncc student.  what are my options? 

as a result of the merger in 2016, all ncc students already are hiu students. you may choose to transition to hiu’s california campus in fullerton to complete your degree programs or you may complete your degree online. if you are already enrolled in online programs, you may continue uninterrupted. 

  • online students will be assigned an academic coach in california who will come alongside them until graduation. the academic coach will assist in degree mapping, registration, and graduation planning. 

  • continuing students will follow their existing degree plan.   

  • hiu advisors will assist students in selecting hiu courses to match ncc courses required to complete existing degree. 

  • ncc students will graduate as planned if degree requirements are met. 

  • ncc students in the ministry honors program will continue in the hiu ministry honors program in california if they choose to transition to california. 

  • since the 2016 merger, all ncc students have received their regionally accredited degree from hiu. 

if i continue with hiu, will the cost of my education increase?

  • tuition - your net tuition costs (after any grants and scholarships) that you paid for the 2019-20 school year will remain fixed for the remaining number of semesters until you graduate

  • Room & Meal Plans - for any ncc students that decide to join us on our fullerton campus, the room and meal plan charges you paid for the 2019-20 school year will be the same for the 2020-21 school year.  room and meal plan charges in subsequent years may be subject to increases due to inflation.

  • student fees - your student fees that you paid for the 2019-20 school year will be the same for the 2020-21 school year.  student fees in subsequent years may be subject to increases due to inflation.

  • eligibility - the tuition, room, meals and student fees structure is available to any ncc student that continues with hiu starting in the fall 2020 semester or spring 2021 semester.  hiu prevailing fees will be applicable to any ncc students that re-enroll in hiu after the 2020-21 school year. 

i am in the class of 2020 – will i be able to graduate this spring?

yes, as long as you meet all of the academic and financial requirements, which have not changed.

will i still be able to play my sport?

all current and newly recruited ncc student-athletes considering coming to hiu will be given the opportunity to practice and try out for the teams at hiu in their respective sports. 

i am a student in the ministry residency program. will i be able to continue in that program?

yes. ministry students participating in residencies are able to continue at their host churches. 

will i be able to keep my ncc email address?

student email accounts will be closed on or around may 31, 2021.

 will ncc’s closure impact my chances of getting into grad schools?

no, hiu degrees are regionally accredited, and accepted at nearly all graduate schools.

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